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Welcome to JR Dietetics Nutrition Coaching & Counseling!

Are you…

Burnt out by your efforts to get to the bottom of health concerns like low energy, digestive issues, hormone imbalance, and/or disordered eating?

Discouraged by the restrictions you’ve had to endure?

Sick of not enjoying your social life because of “forbidden” foods?

Disillusioned with the promise of experiencing a “better” body or improved symptoms, only to be disappointed?

Do You Want…

Tools to experience more vibrancy, improve gut health, balance hormones, manage stress, and/or pursue a healthier mindset around food and body image? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Our Story & Mission…

We are Jess, Allison, and, Theresa, and Jen, and as Registered Dietitians, we understand how complicated food can seem at times. If you feel stuck, ashamed, or confused about your health journey, you’re not alone!

This is why we’ve joined forces with one clear mission: a commitment to help you experience dramatic health transformation and genuine food freedom.

We are each uniquely specialized in our respective fields and united by our passions for both intuitive eating (a gentle, non-diet approach to health and weight), and the latest in food science & functional nutrition – a beautiful combination!

What to Expect…

With this powerful and unique philosophy, we can examine the many facets that make you tick. Together, we can explore the physical and emotional roots of your health challenges. We will then empower you with practical, and guilt-free tools for sustainable change that just might even be fun!

The best part? Our compassionate and holistic approach frees you to experience robust health without sabotaging your relationship with food!


Learn more about our specialties and philosophy below!

Our Areas of Speciality…


Eating Disorders, and a Non-Diet Approach to Weight Struggles…

You might be struggling with your relationship with food or exercise, sick of counting calories, yo-yo dieting, or trapped in a disordered eating cycle. Are you or a loved one recently out of treatment for an eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder etc) or trying to prevent the need for an in-patient program?

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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

If you are at your wit’s end trying to make sense of your health struggles and would love a deeper insight into your nutritional status, a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is a fantastic, non-invasive solution! By taking a deep dive into your nutrition profile, you can get to get to the root of many of your health concerns like fatigue, weight struggles, hormone imbalance, headaches, and more!

Jess, Women’s Health Dietitian

PCOS, PMS, perimenopause, adrenal dysregulation, thyroid conditions, and more…

Are you struggling with hormone imbalances like PCOS, hypothyroidism, PMS, or stress belly? Are you ready to start feeling better?! Would you like to finally get specific insights, tangible answers, and a detailed roadmap using reliable lab tests?


Gut Health: IBS, SIBO, GERD, GI Complaints, etc. 30 Days to Healthy Living

I’m Theresa

Are you frustrated with your gut? Maybe you are constantly feeling fatigued, bloated, or struggling with poor bowel habits (if you know what I mean). Personally, I have struggled with some hormonal imbalances and over-time have focused on taking care of my gut health. It was truly amazing to start feeling my high-energy, enthusiastic, positive vibes after shifting my approach! I can help you simplify your approach to better gut health. I use a functional and integrative approach where I help you get to the ROOT cause of your situation. I want to help you navigate the reality of life and be able to become the shining individual you are. The “gut stuff” can be, well, frustrating to navigate on your own, so that is why I am here! Together we can create a plan that will help you live that high energy, symptom free lifestyle that you desire!

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We Get it…

You simply want to feel good again! You want to get to the root of your issues and not just cover them up. It might even be nice to relieve the concerns of your doctors & loved-ones while making sustainable changes, all without driving yourself crazy or wreaking havoc on your relationship with food.

And we’re here for it! 

Our Philosophy…

  • Food is powerful medicine…as long as it’s not your enemy.
  • You are more than a number on a scale.
  • Getting healthy doesn’t have to be miserable!
  • Your emotional, mental, and physical health are all deeply connected. We’ll be sure to address the components necessary for long term change as needed.
  • Your body isn’t cookie-cutter, so your health plan shouldn’t be either.

We Believe…

  • “Healthy” and “unhealthy” bodies both come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
  • You don’t have to settle for mediocre health or a messed up relationship with food.
  • Diets don’t work. However, intuitive eating principles, coupled with personalized nutrition, transforms lives every day.
  • Your body is communicating to you. Let’s be kind and listen.

The Truth Is…

Food can be nourishing & freeing, and disconnected from guilt and shame. Food is not only medicine, it’s also just plain fun! We believe recovery from disordered eating and robust health is possible and that you can live a full and vibrant life!

You’ve Got This…

We like to compare the process of getting healthy to climbing a beautiful mountain.
If you don’t enjoy the journey, what’s the point!?

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