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We’re here for you!

During these uncertain times, we are here for you from the comfort of your home! We offer virtual sessions through our simple-to-use HIPAA compliant platform. We know that being stuck at home can place a strain on your relationship with food, and maybe add a little stress to your recovery. Let us help you, and […]

A Dietitian’s Honest Tale of Disordered Eating, Autoimmune Issues, and Food Freedom

What comes to your mind when you think about food?  I bet if I asked that question to 10 different people, I would get 10 different answers.  For me, I think of feeling satisfied, energized, and the many good memories that I have with friends and family where we all enjoy a hearty meal together.  […]

Important Announcement!

Hello friends! We apologize for being MIA on our blog for so long, but that’s all about to change! We’re excited to announce that JR Dietetics has expanded to a new state – the beautiful state of Washington! Both Jennifer and Miranda will continue seeing clients in Colorado (virtually for Miranda, and in person as […]

Sometimes a Girl Just Wants a Hot Dog! A Dietitian’s Take on Food Eliminations, Intolerances & Allergies

As a Dietitian, I always chuckle thinking about all the moments I’ve been in a social situation, with an ice cream or glass of wine in hand when someone inevitably asks me “What do you do for a living?” It seems I always chime in with my reply “I’m a registered dietitian” as they shovel […]

Show Your Heart a Little Love! Celebrate American Heart Month with Heart Healthy Nutrition Tips

Even though Valentine’s Day has already come and gone, there is still a reason to celebrate and wear red because February is American Heart Month. So, let’s show a little love to our hearts this month!

Defining Normal Eating and the Hunger-Fullness Scale

In our very first blog post, we explore Ellyn Satter’s definition for normal eating, and discuss a tool for determining your level of hunger or fullness!

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