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Theresa Jones, RDN, MPPD

Hello! My name is Theresa and I specialize in the following!

  • Digestive Complaints
  • Crohn’s, Celiac etc

Do you struggle with symptoms of SIBO or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)? Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with H.Pylori or Candida? Would you like a manageable approach that gets to the root of the symptoms and addresses your gut without having to start with potentially harmful medications and pharmaceutical drugs that may or may not serve you big picture?

Are you tired of searching the internet that tells you to “just manage your stress and eat whole foods,” yet still don’t know where to begin?

Would a detailed roadmap that has the answers to your digestive issues, along with compassionate support and guidance along the way, bring you peace of mind?

If any of those resonate with you, I know where you are!

For YEARS, you have been dealing with constant bloat, making you feel six months pregnant. Having to say “no” to social outings with fear of how your gut will act up.
Have excessive gas and frequent stomach pain/cramping after eating certain foods. Have poor bowel habits that get you running to the bathroom… or feeling backed up and not going for days on end. Struggling with acne breakouts (yep this can be linked to the gut!)

You’ve been to multiple doctors, and probably done almost every test there is but yet, you still don’t have answers or how to get long-term relief.

You’re done with going in and out of doctor’s offices, to be given another conventional approach (more medications) that might work for a few weeks but just take you back to square one, or maybe feeling worse than before.

You have decided that life is too precious to be hindered by your sluggishness and fatigue. You need to be able to navigate the busy seasons, show up for your family and friends, and thrive at your craft without being stopped in your tracks by such frustrating symptoms.

I know this is you because I have worked with many clients with very similar experiences…

During my graduate studies, I studied and researched the gut microbiome. Needless to say, my studies sparked a growing passion for a functional and integrative approach to digestive issues. Ninety percent of chronic diseases stem from the gut. NINETY-PERCENT! Even infertility has been linked to imbalances in the gut microbiome! In short, we need to take care of our gut to enhance its incredible capabilities (fight diseases). What I found to be the top-line treatment/management of chronic digestive issues was a holistic approach that includes stress management, adrenal support, quality nutrition, mindful movement, and emotional/spiritual health.

How I can help:

My approach to healing the gut is unique! My foundational, holistic approach includes managing lifestyle factors, anti-inflammatory nutrition, and supplementation, all through an intuitive lens! I have seen how powerful this is to allow for healing from the inside out. I would love to help you along your journey to MORE energy, BETTER sleep, and LESS bloat!

If you are ready to take action and get to the root cause of your digestive issues so you can be symptom-free and start living that high-energy life you desire, I am here to help!

Are you “in” for long-term health transformation by building stronger, more resilient gut health? Contact me today and we can get you set up on YOUR journey!

Special Offer:

When it comes to the gut, the more details, the better!

I offer GI Map Testing that allows us to reveal intricate details of your gut microbiome. This test allows for a deeper understanding of what exactly is going on in your GI tract, like showing ratios of the bacteria and fungi, but also if there is any presence of infection or imbalances. This test helps me build an even more specialized roadmap for you and your specific needs. If you have questions about this, please reach out to me!

What you might be struggling with:

●  Fatigue

●  Poor digestion

●  Poor quality of sleep

●  Not knowing “what to eat” that won’t upset your stomach

●  Stomach pain or cramping

●  Bloat, especially after meals

●  Diarrhea and/or constipation

●  Poor performance in the gym

●  Brain Fog

Where we can be:

●  More energy

●  Better digestion

●  Better quality of sleep

●  Identify your food intolerances

●  Less bloat (or no bloat!)

●  Painless, daily bowel movements

●  Enhanced performance in the gym

●  More mental clarity

Want a deeper dive into gut health, root causes, and/or your relationship with food?

If you think I’m a good fit, but like the idea of some of the services offered by other members of our team, not to worry! I collaborate closely with our other providers and together we can fill in any gaps, run the necessary tests, and get you the wide support that you need! Labs Offered DUTCH Comprehensive Hormone Panels GI Mapping

Labs Offered

DUTCH Comprehensive Hormone Panels 

GI Mapping

Hair, Tissue & Mineral Analysisand more!


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