JR Dietetics

Theresa Jones, RDN

Hello there!

My name is Theresa and I specialize in the following:

  • Gut Health: IBS, SIBO, GERD, GI Complaints, etc.
  • 30 Days to Healthy Living

Get to know me!

I’m from a small town in Iowa where I grew up loving the outdoors, being active in sports, and always trying to make the best out of what life brought! Over the years I have grown into a stronger woman of faith with proud titles of dog momma and fun-loving daughter, sister, and friend. During my high-school days, I fell in love with weight lifting and to this day, strength training is part of my weekly routine – because who doesn’t love to feel strong, empowered, AND be able to do a “one trip wonder” with the grocery haul. 😉


Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Iowa State University
Master of Professional Practice in Dietetics from Iowa State University
Registered Dietitian through the Commission on Dietetic Registration
Gut Health Dietitian at Casa de Sante

My Professional background:

I attended Iowa State University’s DPD program where I graduated undergrad with my Bachelor of Science in Dietetics. This program taught me MANY valuable approaches to health. Straight after my undergrad, I decided to further my education, and successfully completed the Master of Professional Practice in Dietetics (MPPD) program through Iowa State University along with a 1200 hour supervised on-site experience in community, clinical, and leadership and management in food service. The MPPD program sparked a growing passion for a functional and integrative approach to nutrition. Specifically, during the MPPD program, my coursework was focused on the gut microbiome and I was able to work with the Low-FODMAP approach for IBS. Your gut is literally the core of your body and it is essential to take action when things don’t seem to be feeling right.

My Philosophy:

I take an anti-diet approach to nutrition and strive to help you find the gray area to break up with the “All or Nothing” mentality! Food should not have a moral connection to WHO you are as a person. Food is fuel, food is nourishment but also food is about connecting and is meant to be enjoyed! The power of quality nutrition tailored to your needs is essential in your gut healing journey. I want to walk along with you during your journey to navigate reality and help you find what works best for you!

Although my expertise is in food, I also have exceptional knowledge on taking an integrative approach to help serve you. My functional and integrative approach means that I consider your environmental, genetic, stress, and physical factors to help you get to the ROOT cause of imbalances with your digestive health! I consider you as a whole person (crazy right?!) rather than just focusing on diet alone, because I understand the impact of life in general, can have on one’s overall well-being.

How I can help:

My goal as a dietitian is to take the stress and confusion out of nutrition! I want to help you be more informed and learn what works best for YOU! We need to know how to navigate the REALITY of life right?! I understand that having gut problems can be frustrating, especially when you feel that “you have tried everything” but still can’t get the relief you are striving for. I whole-heartedly believe that we can create a plan to help you navigate your journey to relieve your gut symptoms and enjoy eating some of your favorite foods without guilt!

Gut Health:

  • 1:1 sessions with me
  • Create an individualized plan
  • Food log – get feedback from me!
  • Address food intolerances
  • Guidance with Low-FODMAPS
  • Option: GI Mapping Test
  • Can help get to the root cause

What you might be struggling with:

  • Fatigue
  • Poor digestion
  • Poor quality of sleep
  • Not knowing “what to eat” that won’t upset your stomach
  • Stomach pain or cramping
  • Bloat, especially after meals
  • Diarrhea and/or constipation
  • Poor performance in the gym
  • Brain Fog

Where we can be:

  • More energy
  • Better digestion
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Know your food intolerances
  • Less bloat (or no bloat!)
  • Painless, daily bowel movements
  • Enhanced performance in the gym
  • More mental clarity


Phone: 720-802-2092

Email: theresa@jrdietetics.com