JR Dietetics

Services Provided

One on One Nutrition Counseling Sessions

Rates & Billing Details:

Single Sessions: $130 per hour ($33.00 per unit of 15 min)
90 Minute Intake Session: $185
*Discount 5 Hour Session Package 10% savings: $585 ($117/hour)

Session Types Offered:

Jennifer: In-Person and Virtual/Telehealth
Megan: Virtual/Telehealth
Jessica: Virtual/Telehealth

Methods of Payments Received:

Credit Card: charged by the end of the day of your session unless other form of payment given.

Venmo: At time of session

Health Savings Account

Family Savings Account

Check or Cash: (In Person Sessions only)


See Meet Us to select a provider and corresponding contact information

General Questions: FAQ Page or Contact Jennifer at 720-729-2273 or jen@jrdietetics.com

Cancelation Policy:

Please note that we have a 24-hour cancelation policy. All sessions not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be charged in full.

Insurance Coverage and SuperBills:

Although we do not accept insurance directly, we can provide a SuperBill (a detailed receipt) that can be submitted to insurance for potential (often partial) reimbursement. Feel free to reach out to your insurance company directly to see if they reimburse for out of network dietitians!

Faith-Based Approach Available on Request

We each offer the option of working from a faith-based approach if desired. Many people see the beneficial role their faith and spirituality play in their recovery from an eating disorder and their relationship with food, recognizing that this is not only about physical health but about emotional & spiritual health as well.

As Christians, we know how powerful this integration can be. If this is not important to you, no problem! This is NOT required! We value and respect people from all backgrounds, identities, political leanings, and religions and our goal is to help you live the life you most desire whatever your situation may be!

Find the dietitian that’s right for you!

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